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Lisa Bittner Lizz Koedam and Alana Bittner
Lisa Bittner, Tour Guide Lizz Koedam and Alana Bittner, Tour Staff
Other Museum volunteers serving as tour guides were Daniel Gritsko, B. Maxwell, and Andy Wilson.
Ruth Klippstein as Etta Harris
Ruth Klippstein portrays Scottsville milliner, Etta Harris.  Etta told of helping her widowed mother run a millinery
and dry goods store located at 474-476 Valley Street in Scottsville.  The store sold lace, material, corsets, and
pretty hats.  While decorating a hat she was making with lovely red ribbon, Etta stopped to tell us about doing a
peculiar thing sometime in the 1890's.  Her mother's store was just across Valley Street from the quaint cottage
called "The Palace," home of Etta's longtime bachelor fiance, Billy Beal.  While standing in the upstairs dormer
window of the Harris building one evening, Etta took a pot shot at Billy when he came outdoors to fetch firewood. 
To this day, no one knows why Etta did what she did, but needless to say, the engagement was broken.  After the
death of her mother, Etta continued the Harris millinery from 1903-1928.  She was renowned for her beautiful hat
creations and the numerous pet poodles she kept as pets.

Ralph Lewis as Cap'N Dan Creasy and Jack Maxwell as First Mate Pete Adcock
Cap'N Dan Creasy, portrayed by Ralph Lewis, and his First Mate Pete Adcock, reenacted by Jack Maxwell.
Cap'N Dan and his First Mate had just poled their batteau from Richmond up the James River to Scottsville.
Dan explained that after offloading their cargo of manufactured prodcts onto wagons heading to Scottsville
shops or to customers up the Shenandoah Valley, they were due a good meal and perhaps a shot of whiskey.
Dan explained that tomorrow he and Pete would be loading their batteau with produce delivered by wagons
from Shenandoah Valley for shipment to Richmond markets for sale.  With a toothy smile and the hefty swig
Dan took from his jug as we said our goodbyes, we think Cap'N Dan found a temporary solution to his pain!

Shannon Bittner as the Irish Washerwoman
Shannon Bittner portrays a young Irish Washerwoman.  This washerwoman told of leaving County Cork
with her husband, Thomas, who had been hired to come to Scotts Landing in the 1830's to help build the
James River and Kanawha Canal.  Thomas earns $1 a day, which is paid at the end of the month.  To tide
the family over, this young wife takes in washing and mending, sometimes cooking for some of the single
men.  "Though I may not have a shovel in hand, I am as much a part of the canal as the men who dig it!"

Miranda Burnett portrays   Moore.
Virginia Moore, portrayed by Miranda Burnett.  The time is 1931, and Virginia drove from her Cliffside home
in Scottsville to Canal Basin Square to meet us.  Virginia said she had many fond memories of Albemarle life
where her mother had been raised, her father had attended the University of Virginia, and where she herself had
visited on many occasions with her parents.  Virginia had been divorced from her husband, Louis Untermeyer,
since 1929 and explained that "with heartbreak, we tend to go back to the era of our rose-colored memories. So
I've come back to Albemarle to pick up my shattered pieces at the ripe age of 26." Virginia chose Cliffside to
be her new home because she felt it would be the perfect place to raise her son, to live close to nature, and
perhaps to write.  Though she had traveled about the world, Virginia said that the sleepy town of Scottsville
never failed to draw her back and inspire.  At that moment, Virginia recited the first two stanzas of the poem
she was writing, "To The Woman I will be 50 Years Hence!"

Bob Talbott as George Wescott ca. 1620.
George Wescott in the 1620's is reenacted by Bob Talbott.  George is an explorer heading
west from Jamestown in search of gold.  He discusses conditions at Jamestown, particularly
during the starving times there.  George shares his experience during the 1622 Indian uprising
in Virginia.  His biggest concern in the colony is the presence of the French, Spanish, or
Dutch explorers.

Kit Decker as James Nelson Moon
James Nelson Moon is portrayed by Kit Decker.  James, a former Mosby Ranger in the Civil War,
attempts to get a group of men to ride with him up to Church Hill Farm . In 1866, this Moon homestead
was haunted by "Jack Ghost." James tells about all the strange events that have been happening
at Church Hill and scaring the family, such as pots and pans moving around, salt shakers being
spilled over, and bloody footprints outside the house, and a wraith-like form appearing on the roof.

Terri Long as Sunshine Sue Workman
Terri Long reenacts Sunshine Sue Workman.  From 1946-1957, Sunshine Sue was nationally known
as "Queen of the Hillbillies" through her radio broadcasts coast to coast every Saturday night from
the Lyric Theater in Richmond.  Last Saturday, Sunshine Sue was interrupted by Twilight Tour visitors
to Victory Hall in the middle of her rehearsal for a show there that evening.  Sue kept her visitors
company until the theater's ticket office opened, telling stories about shows that took place at Victory Hall
in Scottsville.  Sue even mentioned how Lindsey Dorrier's parents once rode a bicycle built for two
across the stage.

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