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Photographs are by Connie Geary.
Lizz Koedam, Tours Ticket Manager
Greeting each of the 2018 Twilight Tour's visitors at Scottsville Museum was Lizz Koedam.
Terri Young as Julia Barclay
Terri Long portrayed Julia Barclay, the wife of Dr. James Turner Barclay at their Barclay House home next to the Disciples of Christ Church (now Scottsville Museum) that Dr. Barclay helped build in 1846.  Julia Barclay was the mother of three children and a faithful convert to the Disciples of Christ Church.  The Barclay family lived in Scottsville until becoming missionaries to Jerusalem in 1850.
Kit Decker as Captain Christopher Hudson
Kit Decker portrayed Captain Christopher Hudson in the early summer of 1781.  The colonies were still under siege, and the English soldiers were then pushing up the James River in pursuit of Governor Jefferson and the Virginia Legislature which had to flee the capitol of Richmond.  Captain Hudson went to warn Jefferson at Monticello that the British were coming but discovered that Jefferson had already been warned by Jack Jouett of Louisa, who had arrived at Monticello shortly before him.   Captain Hudson reported that Jefferson safely made his escape before the British soldiers arrived and surrounded Monticello.  Later Captain Hudson would be in Richmond when British Benedict Arnold made his second invasion of Virginia.
Bob Talbott as Captain George Wescott
Bob Talbott portrayed Captain George Wescott of Queens' Rangers who had been directed by General Cornwallis in May 1781 to capture the 5th Virginia battalion's arsenal at Point of Fork at Columbia, Fluvanna County, VA.  Cornwallis was determined to break the back of the Virginians and to destroy such stores and warehouses that could potentially support the Marquis de Lafayette and his army in the pursuit of Cornwallis.  The Rangers destroyed one thousand new muskets, four hundred barrels of powder, several hogsheads of tobacco, and a quantity of soldier's clothing returned to Point of Fork.  After Point of Fork, the Gun works at Scotts Landing could have become another target of the Queen's Rangers as Captain Wescott chose to remind us.  However, as history reports, Virginia soldiers such as the 5th Virginia Regiment took action during the 1781 Virginia Campaign and pushed to within 350 yards of the British lines at Yorktown before Cornwallis surrendered on October 19, 1781.  Whew -- Scott's Landing was saved from devastation similar to that which occurred at Point of Fork at the hands of the Queens Rangers, thanks to our Virginia soldiers pushing the Rangers back despite their notable lack of clothing, muskets, bayonets, and other equipment!
John Settle as First Sergeant Hopkins Hardin
John Settle portrayed First Sergeant Hopkins Hardin, a Confederate soldier who enlisted in the 19th Virginia in Scottsville, Virginia, in April 1861 at the age of 23.  Hopkins fought in all the principal battles and skirmishes of his division, taking part in such actions as those at Bull Run, Williamsburg, Fredericksburg, Boonsborough, and last of all, Hopkins was at the battle of Gettysburg where he was wounded three times and captured.  From that time forward until his release at Ft. Delaware in June 1865, Hopkins suffered the hardships of a prisoner of war as he saw the insides of nearly all the northern prisons before he was released.  After the war, Hopkins moved to Lafayette County, Missouri, where he died on 13 February 1926.
Miranda Burnett as Cenie Hornung Moon
Miranda Burnett portrayed Cenie Hornung Moon, who was the assistant dean of student personnel at the University of Hawaii when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.  Cenie was hosting the University's Episcopal Club when word of the "enemy attack" was relayed to her via phone by her sister.  Refugees from the Pearl Harbor area consisted of civilian personnel evacuated from the immediate harbor area during and after the attack.  Most of them had nothing, and Cenie set about organizing the girls at the University so they could help take of the refugees.  Although most of these civilian refugees were evacuated by the Navy to the U.S. within a month of the Pearl Harbor attack, Cenie chose to stay in the islands and to help out with the homeless and displaced.  Cenie met her husband, F.R. Moon, Jr., in 1943 when he was stationed in Hawaii in the U.S. Navy, and they married that same year and had two children before the Moons' returned to Virginia.
Richard and Raven Morris as T.J. Sellers and his secretary
Richard Morris portrayed T.J. Sellers, who founded The Reflector, Charlottesville's only Negro weekly newspaper in the early 1930's.  Raven Morris, daughter of Richard Morris, portrayed Seller's secretary at the newspaper.  Under Sellers' leadership, The Reflector expressed the thoughts of Sellers about the African-American race on a national scale and the local issues and happenings facing African-Americans in Charlottesville in the early to mid-1930's.  As tour takers watched Sellers audibly work out the tasks ahead for the day to produce the next issue of The Reflector as his secretary jotted down details of every task and its assignee, we got a great view of the hectic daily pace of a newspaper team that succeeded in producing a quality weekly product. 
Ralph Lewis as Mayor A. Raymon Thacker
Ralph Lewis portrayed Scottsville's former mayor, A. Raymon Thacker.  Thacker served as Mayor of Scottsville for thirty years, and it was his hard work and determination that allowed Scottsville to remain the quaint little river town we now enjoy in the early 21st century.  After Hurricane Camille in 1969 and Hurricane Agnes in 1972 left high flood waters and disastrous results, cleanup costs put some local businesses in real trouble.  Thanks to the efforts of Mayor Thacker, Scottsville was declared a federal disaster area which made townspeople eligible for loan consolidation and interest rate reduction.  Then Mayor Thacker began his tireless quest for federal funding to build a dam on Mink Creek (completed 1975) and a flood levee (dedicated in 1989) to hold back future flood waters.  Mayor Thacker's legacy as the town's longest-serving mayor includes building a modern public water and sewage system in Scottsville and extending the town's boundaries so it continues to change and grow.  Additionally, Mayor Thacker was one of the founder's of the Scottsville Museum.  And Mayor Thacker looked so cheerful and nice in his blue seersucker suit in warm weather -- yay, winter is over!

Jack Maxwell, Twilight Tours Safety
Special thanks to Jack Maxwell who watched over our tour groups to ensure they were able to safely cross back and forth from the Museum to Canal Basin Square in the evening's light.  Thanks again to our 2018 tour guides:  Mike West, Dan Gritsko, Andy Wilson, Stuart Munson, Shannon Bittner, Ron Smith, and B. Maxwell.  Hope to see everyone back for our 2019 Twilight Tours, too! Thanks for your support to Scottsville Museum!

2018 Docent Reception
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