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Highlights,  April 2017


Spring Opening, 09 April 2017

Albemarle Ends Operation of Scottsville High School   by Evelyn Edson

Scottsville High School, ca. 1950
Scottsville High School, ca. 1950

The front page of the Charlottesville newspaper, The Daily Progress, made this announcement on May 19, 1967, following a stormy School Board meeting.  Up to the last minute it looked as though the school might be saved, but now it was final.  A collision of forces brought about the decision.  Baxter Allison Pitts, Class of 1964, says, "They kept talking about closing the school in our day.  We hoped it wouldn't happen."

For the full feature article by Evelyn Edson that tells about Scottsville High School and its closing in June 1967, visit Albemarle Ends Operation of Scottsville High School.

Highlights,  March 2017


Docent Tea, 26 March 2017

Docents (L to R):  Ruth Klippstein, Leanne Grove, and Connie Geary  

Leanne Grove, Docent Coordinator for Scottsville Museum, hosted an appreciation reception for Museum docents at her Scottsville home on Sunday, March 26.  A wonderful afternoon of friendship and museum discussion ensued.  Leanne reviewed opening and closing procedures for the Museum and the training sessions she's planning for new docents to include a session for any docents who would like some refresher training.  Our President Evelyn Edson discussed the Museum's opening for the 2017 season on Sunday, 9 April at 2 pm.  She also briefed us on the School display the Museum will add to our current exhibit in mid-summer commemorate the history of Scottsville High School.  We are pumped up for the 2017 season -- thank you, Leanne and Evelyn!

President Evelyn Edson and Ron Smith

Each year over forty volunteers volunteer their time each month to serve as docents at the Museum.  Our docents' donation of time allows the Museum to continue our free admission policy for the public from April through October each year.  If you would like to become a Museum docent, please call Leanne at (434-286-4840) or contact us via e-mail at:

Scottsville's Post Office and Postmasters
Postmaster Samuel Gault and Assistant Ashby Mayo, 1920 U.S. Postmaster Samuel R. Gault and his assistant, Ashby Mayo, stand in front of the Scottsville Post Office which was located in the Masonic Building on Main Street as shown in this 1920 photo at left.  The Masonic Building was built in 1914 and hosted Scottsville's post office on the bottom floor until 1964 when the post office moved to its next location on West Main Street.  Sam Gault served as Scottsville's postmaster from 1893 to 1939; he was succeeded by Ashby Mayo, who retired as postmaster in 1958.

To learn more about Samuel Gault, Ashby Mayo, and other Scottsville postmasters from 1814-2015 and the various town buildings that housed the Post office in Scottsville during this time frame, visit
Scottsville's Post Office and Postmasters.

Highlights,  February 2017


W.F. Paulett and Son, Inc.
Scottsville Museum at Christmastime The photo at left shows the Scottsville business named W.F. Paulett and Son, Inc., which was built in 1914 by William F. Paulett in a lot on Main Street between the Methodist Church and the Disciples of Christ Church (now Scottsville Museum). This three-story building was a building supply store that cut lumber for sale to its patrons as well as supplied other building needs. All three floors were accessible by truck, and the first floor was where customers bought their nails and other building hardware. The second floor contained the saw mill which cut and planed the wooden boards. On the third floor, the Pauletts laid the products that were to be trucked out to its customers.

To learn more about this business and its owners and the unexplained catastrophe that struck this business on 28 February 1976, visit W.F. Paulett and Son, Inc.

Disastrous Fires on Scottsville's Main Street, 1976

Corner of Valley and Main Streets, 1976

This photo of the intersection of Valley Street (left) and Main Street (right) shows the Esso Station, run by Gene Johnson, occupying the lot west of the Travelers Rest Hotel.  The Omohundro Hardware Co. occupied the bottom floor of the hotel in 1976.  On the night of 26 February 1976, a disastrous fire consumed this hotel and hardware company, burning them to the ground along with the adjoining filling station.  Two nights later on 28 February 1976, a second fire began on the same block, causing even more costly damage than the first fire.

To learn more about these two disastrous fires in Scottsville and the investigation that followed, visit
Two Large Fires Raged On Scottsville's Main Street, February 1976.

Highlights,  January 2017


Ongoing Planning for Celebrate Scottsville High School in June 2017
Scottsville High School, ca. 1925
Scottsville High School, ca. 1925

Planning is in process to celebrate Scottsville High School (SHS) 1871 - 1967 on Saturday, June 10, 2017.  The celebration will be held in the old SHS gym, and it is an event for all those who wish to celebrate the proud history of the first accredited high school by the University of Virginia and the State Department of Education (1913).  Everyone is invited.  The event is proudly sponsored by the Town of Scottsville and the Scottsville High School Alumni.  For more information, please contact:  Tommy Stargell, (434) 286-3853, or Cenie Re Moon Sturm, (434) 286-3391,

In celebration of the many accomplishments of Scottsville High School, Scottsville Museum also is planning a display at the Museum about the high school and its students.  The Museum also updated its website's School section to include photos of many students from 1891 to 1967.  Shown below are four officers of the 1967 SHS Senior Class.  To see more historical photos of students at Scottsville High School, visit: Scottsville Schools

William Larry Shifflett Thomas Stargell Corrie Jane Dawson Mary Curtis Conrad
Larry Shifflett, President Tom Stargell, Vice President Jane Dawson, Treasurer Mary Conrad, Historian

Feedback from Museum Fans:
Robert Pettus, North Chesterfield, VA:  "I visited your Museum while in town on a canoe trip.  I was very pleased with the entire operation.  The host greeted me with kind words and a smile.  The exhibits and displays were very interesting.  I particularly enjoyed the local history respect that includes Confederate history.  I visited the cemetery where the Confederate soldiers were buried later that afternoon.  You have a very special Museum in a special town!  Keep up the good work.  Proud to be a supporter!"

Highlights,  December 2016


Christmas in Scottsville, 2016:
Scottsville Museum at Christmastime As the 2016 holiday season unfolds, Scottsville Museum wishes to thank all of our volunteers for your support this year.  Your generosity and continued support makes it possible for the Museum to maintain our buildings, build new historical exhibits, and develop and implement educational projects for local area students.  We are most thankful to have you all on the Museum team.  And may you be blessed by the warmth of family and friends at this beautiful time of year.  Happy holidays to you, and we hope to see you at Scottsville Museum when we reopen in April 2017!
The 2016 Christmas season in Scottsville is filled with fun events:

December 3: Scottsville Festival of Lights, Old ABC Store
                        on Valley Street, 2-8 pm.
December 3: Christmas Parade of Churches, on Valley
                        Street, 5 pm.
                        Hot chocolate and cookies at the Farmer's
                        Market Pavilion, and Santa Claus will be
                        making an appearance.  All are welcome!
December 4: Scottsville Festival of Lights, Old ABC Store
                        on Valley Street, 2-8 pm.
December 10: Scottsville Festival of Lights, Old ABC Store
                        on Valley Street, 2-8 pm.
December 11: Scottsville Festival of Lights, Old ABC Store
                        on Valley Street, 2-8 pm.
December 17: Visit Who-Ville (Scottsville, VA)
       11 am - 1 pm - Come take your picture with Grinch at Tavern on the James.

       1-2 pm - Who-ville Costume Contest:  Dress up like your favorite character
       in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."  Winner wins a stocking full of goodies!

       3-5 pm - A free showing of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" at Victory Hall.
       Presented by Scottsville Arts and Nature and Atlee Community Church.

Highlights,  November 2016


Museum's 2017 Membership Drive:
Our Museum has become an example of what a small town museum can accomplish.  In order to continue the preservation and promotion of our local history, we need your help.  Please renew your membership today for 2017.  Even a $25 donation will help, but $50 will help twice as much.  Thank you again for your continuing, generous support.  You are our strength.  For additional membership information, please visit

Online Donations:  If you would like to donate to Scottsville Museum online, using Paypal or a credit card, please click on the 'Donate' button below:

Highlights,  October 2016

Virginia Moore, reenacted by Miranda Burnett, as she stands beside her 1931 Ford Model A Coupe.

Twilight Tours Through Scottsville History, 22-23 October 2016:
The Scottsville Museum hosted its 4th annual "Twilight Tours Through Scottsville History" the weekend of Oct. 22nd and Oct. 23rd.  The project, led by Museum Board Member Miranda Burnett and staged by local actors, was an immense success, drawing over 200 visitors and raising more than $1,100 for the Museum during the two-night event.  This year's tour featured seven characters ranging from the 1620s to the 1950s and included a batteau boat, an antique car, and a rousing rendition of "You are my Sunshine."

To see additional photos of Twilight Tours reenactors and guides, visit Twilight Tours 2016.

2016 Twilight Tours Throuogh Scottsville History
Twilight Tours Through Scottsville History, 22-23 October 2016:
Scottsville Museum is proud to announce a guided tour through Scottsville's history which will be presented on Saturday and Sunday, 22-23 October.  The project is led by Museum Board member, Miranda Burnett, and staffed by volunteer guides and local actors and actresses.  Come and take a lamplight stroll through historic Scottsville.  With your tour guide, you will encounter town residents from bygone eras.  Hear their tales and recollections, see notable places and people brought to life from the pages of history.  Listen as Etta Harris recounts her doomed romance, and experience goosebumps in the telling of the Moon ghost.  Enjoy a performance from Sunshine Sue at Victory Hall, and witness Virginia Moore's first arrival in Scottsville.  Three other historical figures in the Scottsville area complete the cast and cover events from the Civil War through World War II.  Your guided stroll will take you past landmarks such as the Barclay House, Scottsville Methodist Church, Canal Basin Square, and Victory Hall Theatre.

Tours depart every 20 minutes from the Scottsville Museum and last approximately an hour.  Ticket prices are $5.00 and proceeds go to the Scottsville Museum, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of Scottsville's history. 

Highlights,  September 2016

  1990 Photos of Canal Warehouse Interior, 18 September 2016:
Interior Photo of Canal Warehouse First Floor, 1990s
An Interior Photo of the Canal Warehouse First Floor, ca. 1990s

In early September 2016, Scottsville Museum received an envelope from an anonymous donor in Richmond.  Inside was a short note, "I thought you, the Chamber, or the Warehouse owner might like these photos.  They were in the attic."  We unfolded the packet in the envelope to discover ten photos of the Canal Warehouse in Scottsville that were taken in the 1990s per the donor.  Included in this packet were photos of the Warehouse's interior at that time which showed evidence of this building's repurposed function in the community where many dances and community bazaars were held from 1950-1980.  The photo above was taken on the building's first floor looking toward the building's front on what is now Canal Basin Square.  Thank you so much, dear donor of these photos -- we are thrilled to have them in the Museum's collections!

To see more of these photos of the Warehouse from the 1990s and learn more about this historic building, visit Canal Warehouse.

Highlights,  August 2016

  Restoration of the Barclay House's Front Facade, 06 August 2016:
Restoration of the Barclay House's Front Facade, 2016
Restored sills, reglazed window panes, a new sign, and fresh paint!
Photos by Tom Thomson.

Robert Schwarz of the Museum's Buildings and Grounds team has been very busy this summer managing the repairs needed to restore the Barclay House's front facade.  As shown in the photo above, Bob has done an excellent job leading and completing the task of restoring the first two floors of the Barclay House's front facade.  This repair work included repairing the front sills using vintage 1600's wood, reglazing all of the window panes, and repainting the windows.   Additionally, Bob had a new Barclay House sign made commercially and installed; see photos below for the finished restoration work. 

We thank our donors for their generosity during our 2016 fund-raising drive which has funded the authentic restoration of these windows.  Next Bob will be undertaking the restoration of the crumbling windows on the top two floors of the Barclay House's front facade.  More details and photos to follow! Thanks to Bob, his restoration team, and our donors for your wonderful help on this much needed restoration project!

Highlights,  July 2016

  MARK YOUR CALENDAR - Independence Day in Scottsville, 04 July 2016:
Fourth of July Parade in Scottsville
Fourth of July Parade in Scottsville

The Fourth of July is a day for family fun, and Scottsville is once again the place to be.  This holiday falls on Monday this year, and by 8 a.m., festive crowds will begin forming on the Museum's front lawn to be ready for the parade that starts down Valley and Main Streets at 9 a.m. 

Please join us to watch the Scottsville Volunteer Fire Department's parade which will proceed from James River Road (east) down Valley Street (Route 20) to East Main Street (Route 6).  These streets will be closed from 8:45 a.m. until approximately 10:30 a.m.

Street and Road Closure Information: There will be no parking on Harrison Street from 6:00 a.m. until 11:30 a.m.  Any vehicles parked on Harrison Street during this time will be towed.  Starting at 7:30 a.m., James River Road between Blenheim Road an Valley Street will be limited to parade traffic only.  Traffic on James River Road will flow from Blenheim Road towards Valley Street. Starting at 9:00 a.m., the following roads will be closed to traffic:

                    --James River Road between Blenheim and Valley Street
                    --Valley Street between James River Road and East Main Street
                    --East Main Street between Valley Street and Poplar Spring Road

After the parade, vendors will be available all day at Dorrier Park.  The annual fireworks display in Scottsville begins at dusk at Dorrier Park.

The Museum will be open from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. on 4 July.  Do plan to come to Scottsville and join this annual and very fun celebration of our country's independence!

Highlights,  June 2016

  MARK YOUR CALENDAR - Batteau Night in Scottsville, 22 June 2016:
The Lady's Slipper Arriving in Scottsville
Lady's Slipper Arriving in Scottsville 

The 31st Annual James River Batteau Festival begins on Saturday, June 18, and runs through Saturday, June 22.  This festival features authentic replicas of the sleek, shallow-draft merchant boats which were used during the late 1700's to transport tobacco, grain, and other goods on the James River from areas of central Virginia.  Each year a small fleet of batteau travel 120 miles from Lynchburg to Richmond, stopping mid-way in Scottsville for music, fun, and festivities.  Batteau will begin arriving in Scottsville in mid-afternoon on Wednesday, 22 June, and tie up at Scottsville's Ferry Street public boat landing.  Visitors can also stroll along the levee by the James River in Scottsville while waiting for the batteau to arrive.

Do join us in Scottsville on Wednesday to see these wonderful boats and their enthusiastic crews in full costume.  Scottsville Museum will be open on Batteau Day from 1-8 pm.  There will be food and craft vendors at Canal Basin Square on East Main Street between 2 pm - 7 pm.

Highlights,  May 2016


Opening Day at Scottsville Creamery, 1910:
Opening Day of Scottsville Creamery, 1910 Shown at right is the crowd standing in front of the Scottsville Creamery on West Main Street during its 1910 opening day celebrations.  This business venture evolved in 1909 as Scottsville sought new industries in their town, which they felt was geographically situated so as to command good trade from all of Virginia if it produced the goods that the state wanted.  Scottsville sat midway between Lynchburg and Richmond on the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway and with farmlands and raw materials in abundance.

In the Fall of 1909, Samuel R. Gault, Scottsville's postmaster and a local farmer, concluded that a creamery might prosper in Scottsville. He incorporated a creamery in Scottsville with   $5000 capital and appointed himself its general manager.  To learn more about Scottsville Creamery and how the business fared, visit Opening Day at Scottsville Creamery, 1910.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: What's happening at the Canal Warehouse?  07 May 2016
Scottsville's Canal Warehouse
Join us on Saturday, May 07, from 2-5 p.m. when Walter Neighbors and his crew will put on a demonstration of the techniques and tools they are using to restore this historic building in Scottsville.  The program will be held at the old Dollar Store on Valley Street.  Entitled "The Building Tells Us What To Do," the presentation will discuss the processes of finding and working with traditional tools and materials.  The program is sponsored by the Scottsville Museum, Preservation Piedmont, and the Town of Scottsville's Architectural Review Board.  Admission is free!

Highlights,  April 2016


Condolences on the Passing of Raymond Thacker, 11 April 2016:
"I just wanted to send my condolences to all of you who so appreciated Raymon Thacker, on his passing last Feb. at the age of 106."

"We came to Scottsville when Raymon was 99, looking for the echoes of our family past.  He was wonderful, giving us a tour of the Scottsville Museum, telling us about our tie in with the Barclay House and Sen.Thomas Staples, and how the Staples sisters were the ones who were the sisters on Walton's Mountain, making "Pappa's Recipe".  He helped make some of our family history come alive for me with his knowledge and stories.  I know from reading the Scottsville Museum Newsletter how instrumental he was in the work of the Museum, the government of Scottsville, and in preserving the history of the area.  We know that our family member, Beverly, owned a mill west of town, was a trustee when the decision was made to build the church they attended, and that he lived at Spring Hill Farm, west of town, during the Civil War.  Scottsville, I am sure, was at a center of much of his parents' lives and his families' lives.  Raymon helped us understand that.  I just wanted to share again, my appreciation for Raymon.  He was a marvelous representative of Scottsville!"  Kathy Herrick, The Villages, FL.

Museum's Spring Opening Reception, 03 April 2016:

Dr. William Trout and Nancy Koenig discuss batteau history on the Museum's front steps.

Scottsville Museum reopened for the 2016 season on Sunday, April 03, with its current exhibit, "Where the River Bends: Scottsville on the James.".  The opening program featured a new display with two large pieces of a mid-19th century batteau/canal boat discovered in the Rappannock River and now on loan to the Museum from Fauquier History Museum in Warrenton.  Dr. William Trout of the Virginia Navigation and Canal Society of Virginia provided an interesting explanation of this batteau's history and the construction differences between it and the James River batteau.

Also featured in the opening program was the "Mystery Painting" by Scottsville artist, Elias Kanarek, of Eddie Rickenbacker and two of his crewmen in a life raft after their plane crashed during World War II.  Ruth Klippstein spoke on the most interesting results of her research on this Museum artifact.  President Evelyn Edson spoke about the restoration and history of Mary Browne Bruce's dress which she wore at the 1910 wedding of Scottsville High School's Principal, William Day Smith, and Annie Parker Harris.  The expert restoration of this dress was accomplished by Museum volunteer, Miranda Burnett.  To conclude the Spring Opening, delicious punch and pastries from Crust and Crumb were served to all attendees!

To see more photos of this opening program, visit Spring Opening 2016.

Scottsville Museum will be open from now through October, Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm and Sundays from 1-5 pm.  It will also be open on Memorial Day, Batteau Day (June 22), and July 4th, or by appointment.  Our current exhibit, "Where The River Bends," describes Scottsville's relationship with the James River.  Admission is free; donations are gratefully accepted.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Scottsville Museum Spring Opening, 03 April 2016:

Painting of Rappahannock Canal by Les Moffett
Painting of Rappahannock Canal Boat by Les Moffett, Fauquier History Museum

On Sunday, 03 April, Scottsville Museum reopens for the 2016 season with its current exhibit, "Where the River Bends: Scottsville on the James."  The exhibit displays the role the river has played in Scottsville's history from its earliest residents, the Monacans, to present day. Sunday's opening program will highlight Scottsville's "Mystery Painting" by Polish-American painter, Elias Kanarek, and attendees will learn more about this painting's story and its artist who lived in Scottsville when he painted it.  Also on display will be pieces of a mid-19th century batteau/canal boat, discovered in the Rappahannock River in 1953.  These pieces reveal much about the construction of these boats, which were an important part of Scottsville's history.  This boat display is courtesy of the Fauquier History Museum.  Another addition to our exhibit is the dress worn by Scottsville's Mary Browne Bruce at the 1910 wedding of Scottsville High School's Principal, William Day Smith, and Annie Parker Harris.  Mrs. Bruce was the wife of Scottsville's pharmacist, Thomas Ellison Bruce, and her dress was lovingly restored by Museum volunteer, Miranda Burnett.

On Sunday, 03 April, the Museum opens at 2:00 pm. Admission is free, and refreshments will be served!  We look forward to seeing you at the Museum!

The Scottsville Sun Online!

Scottsville Museum is pleased to announce that 40 editions of the 1952 Scottsville Sun newspaper are now online on our website!  During this past summer, Scottsville resident, Robert K. Spencer, shared his collection of these newspapers for scanning and research use by the Museum.  Nicole Penn, our 2015 intern from the University of Virginia's Institute for Public History (IPH), scanned Mr. Spencer's newspapers for the Museum and created finding aids for each newspaper dating from 1952-1960s.  Museum staff just completed processing the 1952 newspapers for online use and will continue processing the rest of the newspapers for upload to our website over the next few months.

The Scottsville Sun was organized in October 1951, thanks to the efforts of Scottsville's Lions Club, and was published by the Amherst Publishing Company.  The newspaper's first editor was J. Bernard McDearman, and its first managing editor was Elizabeth Wimer. As a newspaper dedicated to serving the Scottsville community living in Albemarle, Fluvanna, and Buckingham counties, the Scottsville Sun covered local news and events in addition to publishing columns on subjects ranging from politics, to farming techniques, to housekeeping advice.  This newspaper maintained a circulation of roughly 500 to 1000 readers, and was active from 1951 into the 1960's.

Kudos to Nicole for her excellent internship product, and special thanks to UVA's Music Library which allowed Nicole to use their large format scanner to complete our project!  To learn more about this project and view scanned images of these newspapers, please visit: The Scottsville Sun.

Business Ledgers of Scottsville Area, 1817 - 1926:
Fleming Turner Ledger, 1822-1827 Shown at right is the Fleming Turner Daybook, dated 1822-1827, that details the products and daily costs of Mr. Turner's farm in New Canton, Buckingham County, VA.  This ledger is one of approximately 45 historic ledgers of local farms and businesses for the time period 1817 - 1926 which are preserved in the collections of Scottsville Museum.  Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Sydney Morgan and Julia Spong, Institute for Public History interns at the Museum in 2012-2013, these ledgers were photographed and collection finding aids developed for 20 of them.  Each ledger includes an inventory of the ledger contents, a detailed name index of business and patron names, and the research results on the farm and/or business owner who recorded transactions in that ledger.  These finding aids have been added to our Museum website, and to learn more, please visit,

New Educational Activities For Kids:
Scottsville Museum is proud to announce we have added new educational activities to our web site for children in Grades 3 and 4.  These activities are based on six selected themes in Scottsville's history from 1732 to present: The Monacans; A Community Begins (1744-1762); Batteau Era; Canal Era (1830-1881); Civil War (1861-1865); and Floods.  These activities were created by Rachel Gottlieb, a former Institute For Public History intern at the Museum, who earned a Masters of Teaching from the University of Virginia.  Rachel's online educational materials include a teacher's guide, historical fact sheets for each theme, and activities that may include role playing, critical thinking, comparing and contrasting exercises, and matching games.   Rachel geared these activities to Virginia's Standards of Learning (SOL) for Grades 3 and 4.  These activities will be available for children visiting Scottsville Museum in 2012 and online for parents and teachers seeking supplemental educational materials to teach local Virginia history, geography, government, and critical thinking.  Thank you, Rachel, for sharing your superb teaching skills with students of Albemarle County history!

To explore these new educational activities for kids, please visit More Activities.

Events Calendar


To view calendar events for the 2017 season, visit Calendar.

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